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Western Potash будет сотрудничать с Archer Daniels Midland / Western Potash to partner with Archer Daniels Midland

Canadian company Western Potash has signed an agreement with american Archer Daniels Midland to supply potassium chloride from the Milestone project (Saskatchewan).

The Milestone project envisages the construction of a plant that will extract potassium salts by underground leaching. It is expected that salt tails will not accumulate as a result of its work.

Now drilling pumping wells for pumping water (three have already passed), allowing to form artificial caverns, with which will connect wells for pumping brine. The extraction system will be built in such a way that only potassium chloride accumulates in a special crystallization pond. Then it will be dried, compacted, put in bags and sent to consumers.

At the end of August, the crystallizing pond began to be filled with brine. This process will take about three months.

Under the terms of Western Potash’s agreement with Archer Daniels Midland, potassium chloride shipments will amount to 146,000 tons per year.