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Non metallic pumps

Since 1958, CEPIC designs, manufactures and sells corrosion resistant process equipment:
- graphite blocks heat exchangers to heat, cool, condensate or evaporate your most corrosive fluids (HCl, H2SO4…), in the most demanding processes.
- corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps to transfer your most corrosive liquids. Produced in graphite or plastics (PP, HDPE, PVDF, PTFE), our pumps provide excellent protection against corrosion. Our production materials and types of sealing are selected to match your operating conditions, the nature of the liquids you deal with, their temperatures and the hydraulic specifications required.
Our delivery program contains an extensive range of Friatec-Rheinhütte pumps, based on the three material groups: -metals, -plastics and -ceramics, each with their specific material properties.
Areas of application: organic and inorganic range of chemical processing technology, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, surface coating technology, environmental engineering, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the semi-conductor industry.
Richter Process Pumps and Valves can look back on a proud history. Since we were founded in 1957, we have been a strategic pioneer in the development of high-performance pumps and valves as they are used to transfer corrosive and ultrapure media in the processing of chemicals.
Today our company has in-depth experience with demanding, complex pump applications. They’ve been tried and tested in many thousands of installations, worldwide. Our customers and plant operators can rely on operational reliability and our competence to meet their specific requirements.
Our headquarters are in Kempen, situated on the Lower Rhine in Germany. Our 300+ employees are highly qualified specialists with comprehensive expertise in sensitive fields of application. We place great importance on the high level of vertical production in our company. Our customers can be certain of our staff expertise, and our deep experience with growing demands on safety and environmental protection.
SOMEFLU offers a complete line of corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps made of thermoplastics : PP, PVDF, PE, PEHD, PFA, PTFE or stainless steel: AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 904L, Hastelloy.
These pumps are designed for handling corrosive, abrasive and hazardous fluids. They are equipped with mechanical seal or mag-drive, are machined in a thick parts of plastic. These pump types include horizontal end-suction ISO, close coupled, self-priming, recessed impeller and vertical designs.
Our sales engineers are close to customers and share their experiences and knowledges of use of stainless steel, thermoplastic and lined pumps in the aim of offering to customers the most efficient and most cost-effective solutions.
Your partner for handling problematic fluids.
Be it aggressive, abrasive, of toxic media – we provide the appropriate centrifugal pump made from non-metal materials. e.g. UHMW-PE, PVDF, or PTFE. Our plastic pumps satisfy the highest security and quality specifications, including ATEX.
WERNERT has a long standing tradition of being highly innovative. The first centrifugal pump made from plastics in the world was launched by WERNERT as early as 1927.
This is continued today with the leading WERNERT pumps – e.g. with the world-wide most advanced pump concept TAIFUN, or the patented grinding pump.
Fast response times, profound consultancy, and a comprehensive repair service together make up our global service offer.