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Fertilizer History (in french)


La première mention d’utilisation de produits phosphatés dans un texte scientifique se trouve probablement dans Les Eléments d’agriculture, en 1762, de Duhamel du Monceau. Il indique que les déchets d’utilisation artisanale d’os et d’ivoire Continue reading


Virtually all of the economic sources of potassium occur in sedimentary salt beds remaining after the evaporation of ancient seas and lakes. World reserves of such potassium-bearing deposits are immense and they total about 250 billion tons of K2 Continue reading


Phosphate Rock
Phosphate rock is the only economical source of phosphorus for production of phosphate fertilizers and phosphate chemicals. Most of the world phosphate rock reserves are widely distributed marine phosphorite deposits.
Phosphate ores were first mined in relatively Continue reading


Sodium Nitrate

The world’s first commercial nitrogen fertilizer was sodium nitrate mined from natural deposits in Chile. It was imported into Europe and North America from about 1830 onwards. During the 1920s sodium nitrate imports from Chile were still a Continue reading

Fertilizers History

Neolithic man probably used fertilizers, but the first fertilizer produced by chemical processes was ordinary superphosphate, made early in the 19th century by treating bones with sulfuric acid. Coprolites and phosphate rock soon replaced bones as the P source. The Continue reading