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Mosaic Receives FDEP Approval for Revisions to New Wales Sinkhole Repair Schedule

Mosaic Fertilizer (Mosaic) received approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for changes to the Corrective Action and Grouting Plan (CAGP) schedule for the New Wales sinkhole repairs. The revised schedule requires completion by May 2018.

Revisions to the CAGP schedule were necessary to account for subsurface complexities, which broadened the scope of the required grouting work, and impacted the pace at which holes could be drilled. The schedule also takes into consideration downtime caused by the summer storm season. The revisions will add some new activities and re-sequence others so Mosaic can minimize delays and work safely during the summer.

As part of those activities, Mosaic will extend at least part of the work pad closer to the sinkhole and add additional bulk grout to the upper portion of the cavity to optimize drilling. High pressure grouting will resume after storm risks subside. In tandem, the company will proceed with a study of the New Wales gypstack, an evaluation called for under the Consent Order.

Early on, Mosaic recognized that as repairs progressed, additional information about subsurface conditions would be developed and inform its approach. Mosaic is confident that this schedule will enable it to reinforce the confining layer, which is already substantially sealed, and finish all repairs safely and effectively.