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Graphite heat exchangers

Since 1958, CEPIC designs, manufactures and sells corrosion resistant process equipment:
- graphite blocks heat exchangers to heat, cool, condensate or evaporate your most corrosive fluids (HCl, H2SO4…), in the most demanding processes.
- corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps to transfer your most corrosive liquids. Produced in graphite or plastics (PP, HDPE, PVDF, PTFE), our pumps provide excellent protection against corrosion. Our production materials and types of sealing are selected to match your operating conditions, the nature of the liquids you deal with, their temperatures and the hydraulic specifications required.
Graphite India Ltd. has three major divisions:
1.Graphite Electrode Division- manufactures graphite electrodes & specialty graphite products.
2.Impervious Graphite Equipment Division- manufacture impervious graphite heat & mass transfer equipment & systems.
3.GRP Division- manufactures Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic pipes & tanks
For decades, Mersen has designed and manufactured a very comprehensive portfolio of heat exchangers whatever the technologies and the materials.
It has been recognized as the expert in thermal and mechanical design for all the different types of heat exchangers (condenser, evaporator, boiler…) with performing design tools allowing the calculation of thermal efficiency.
All the heat exchangers Mersen is manufacturing are in respect with construction codes : TEMA, ASME, CODAP, ADM, JIS, RTOD.
For more than 50 years, SGL designs and produces graphite heat exchangers for many corrosive applications. Product lines – the largest of its kind in the industry – include the full range from shell & tube to block or plate heat exchangers. DIABON® graphite makes the heat exchangers suitable for corrosive media on both service and product side and ensures high thermal conductivity.