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The tilting pan filter has been part of our product range for over 50 years and there are over 300 tilting pan filters installed worldwide. This filter is used primarily in the manufacturing of phosphoric acid from phosphate rock, and specifically in the dihydrate, hemihydrate, and the combined hemihydrate and dihydrate processes.

ANDRITZ Delkor, located in Kyalami, Gauteng, South Africa, was originally established as Delkor Technik (Pty) Ltd. in 1975. In 2010, Delkor became a member of the ANDRITZ GROUP, adding to the Group’s product portfolio in solid/liquid separation technology.
ANDRITZ Delkor (Pty) Ltd. is a leading global supplier of solid/liquid separation equipment for the mining, metallurgical, sewage, wastewater, pulp and paper, food, and chemical industries. ANDRITZ Delkor provides unsurpassed service and support to clients worldwide, ensuring to find the optimum solution for our clients' solid/liquid separation requirements.
Horizontal Belt Filters provide high extraction efficiency, low cake moisture, increased production and reduced operating costs while achieving maximum filtration area in comparison to other filter options. Horizontal belt filters maximize cake purity at minimum specific cost. Our filters are especially suited for applications requiring low cake moisture and multi-stage washing. Low energy consumption and high filtration rate make Horizontal Belt Filters an excellent choice for a wide range of processes.
Sizes are available up to 257m2 filtration area.
First commercialised in 1962, 100 Belt Filters installed in 2002, 20 Countries, worldwide
Main applications: filtration of slurries with good filterability, cake washing and cake dewatering

Others: possibility of continuous belt or cloth regeneration
Over 300 Prayon tilting pan filters have been sold since the 1950s, and approximately 250 installed in phosphoric-acid production units. The rest are used in other fields such as: copper, cobalt, zinc and uranium hydrometallurgy, P2O5-impregnated active carbon washing, phosphate washing, acid filtration in general.
Filtres Philippe® introduced one of the earliest horizontal vacuum belt filters to the marketplace in 1947. Since then, we continue to keep our clients’ needs a priority, with cost-effective systems designed for longevity and reliability.
Filtres Philippe® belt filters are designed to provide optimum performance for liquid/solid separation in continuous operation. Careful attention is paid to every detail from factory production to final assembly of the vacuum belt filters in your facility. As with all of our products, we aim to respect the environment in every way possible.
With an operating factor of up to 99%, the filters are intended for processing high concentrations of solids, while using innovative technology to provide efficient cake washing.
The UCEGO® Filter is owned, perfected and marketed by the fertiliser plant engineering specialist Technip, the leading engineering and construction organisation in Europe. Used in dihydrate and hemihydrate filtration, the UCEGO® Filter also provides outstanding performance for a range of other products, particularly when large active filtration areas are required.
Tenova Delkor technology and know-how is founded in the Delkor Belt Filter and remains the supplier of the world’s largest individual machine and filtration plants around the world.