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Dangote Fertilizer приступил к выпуску карбамида / Dangote Fertilizer launches urea plant

African giant Dangote Group has completed a plan to launch the Dangote Fertilizer plant in Nigeria.

“The goal of the first phase of the project to create Dangote Fertilizer cost 2.5 billion. Usd. is the production of 3 million tons of carbamide per year. It is essential for the development of Africa’s agriculture and will help it become a net food exporter,” it said in a statement.

Subsequently, it is planned to expand the plant for the production of all types of mineral fertilizers, in particular, the production of lime-ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate.

Earlier, the management of the Dangote Fertilizer plant entered into a long-term agreement with the top management of Chevron Nigeria (part of Chevron) on natural gas supplies.