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Власти Ливии и LiFeCo договорились о сотрудничестве / Libyan and LiFeCo authorities agree on cooperation

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Eastern Government of Libya has signed a cooperation agreement with Libyan Norwegian Fertiliser (liFeCo) designed to facilitate the delivery of carbamide to farmers at affordable prices. It also envisages the delivery of 50,000. tons of carbamide at a price of 550 Libyan dinars ($392) per tonne for distribution to farmers this year and next.

The agreement is expected to help farmers and prevent black market traders from taking advantage of the situation in the agricultural sector. The agreement was approved by the Prime Minister of Libya’s eastern government, Abdullah al-Thani, earlier this year as part of a programme to improve food security in the country.

LiFeCo is Libya’s only producer of ammonia and carbamide. It is owned by Yara International, National Oil and the Libyan Investment Authority.