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Weekly Round-Up: Urea FOB prices flare up

Sep 13: In US Gulf, large particle prices have increased by $15/mt from $198/mt to $213/mt
Small granular prices in China have gone up from $226/mt to $238/mt by $12/mt
Similarly, large particle prices in China are also up by $18/mt from $227/mt to $245/mt
Urea prices in Iran of large particles have increased by $25/mt from $203/mt to $228/mt
Prices have been recorded higher in Egypt of large particle from $228/mt to $246/mt by $18/mt
In Ukraine, small granular prices have climbed up the ladders from $203/mt to $225/mt by $22/mt
Urea price increases in Baltic sea of small granular from $203/mt to $219/mt by $16/mt
Small granular prices have shot up in Romania from $214/mt to $238/mt by $24/mt
Prices have gone up of large particles in Indonesia/Malaysia from $216/mt to $225/mt by $9/mt
In Arabian Gulf, small granular prices have moved northward from $213/mt to $234/mt by $21/mt
Similarly, in Arabian Gulf, large particle prices have been recorded higher by $10/mt from $206/mt to $216/mt
Urea price climbs in France Atlantic from $223/mt to $235/mt by $12/mt
Finally, in Venezuela, large particle prices are up by $8/mt from $196/mt to $204/mt