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Veolia and Yara partner to propel European circular economy

Global resource recovery company Veolia and crop nutrition company Yara have signed an agreement to develop circular economy in the European food and agricultural chain by recycling nutrients and creating nutrient loops.

Together, the companies will develop new business models for a circular agriculture by establishing nutrient recycling models for high quality fertilizer products, not only via existing production processes but also via local recovery, processing, distribution and sales. The companies will also create a food-to-agriculture value chain, by collecting and processing food surpluses in cities.

By coupling Veolia’s subsidiary Sede Angibaud expertise in the organic fertilizers with Yara’s knowledge in the market these resources will become organo-mineral fertilizers and/or soil improvement solutions to agriculture, that includes also the peri-urban field.

Lastly, Veolia and Yara will develop new business opportunities based on industrial symbiosis. The goal is a model for the management of nutrient and chemical flows, such as byproducts, raw materials and waste, between industrial players.

Yara and Veolia have already set up a circular economy loop by recycling ammonia produced from composting green waste and wastewater sludges. In addition to other recovered materials, the recycled ammonia is further processed to sodium nitrate and reused in wastewater facilities to prevent odour and corrosion.