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Sirius Minerals нашел себе нового дистрибьютора / Sirius Minerals has found a new distributor

The British company Sirius Minerals has signed a ten-year agreement with zatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution (Muntajat) to supply Poly4 to the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Muntajat is owned by the government of Catalonia and sells about 9 million. tons of mineral fertilizer per year.
Sirius Minerals is currently under construction at the Woodsmith mine. Once commissioned, Woodsmith Sirius Minerals will supply Poly4, a polygalite-based mineral fertilizer, to the market.

It has already been nicknamed the “potassium chloride killer” for its agriculturally valuable properties.
Rich deposits of polygalite have been discovered in the North Sea along the north-east coast of Great Britain. They will be developed by the Woodsmith mine, which is being built 3 miles from Whitby. The polygalite layer lies at a depth of 1.5 km and extends to an area of 796 square meters. 535 sq km. km is located in the coastal area.

Last year, Sirius Minerals signed an agreement with Cibra Group to sell Poly4 in South America.