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SGL Installs Hydrogen Chloride Recycling System for China’s Largest Potassium Producer

A recovery system for recycling and reusing hydrogen chloride (HCI) developed by SGL Group will be part of a new electrolytic smelting system of the Chinese potassium producer Qinghai Salt Lake Industry.

Wiesbaden/Germany — Commissioned in the Chinese Province of Qinghai this year, the system produces magnesium with the lowest CO2 values worldwide, the manufacturer claims. The complex will also comprise a patented solution from SGL Group, which is supposed to consumes up to 45 % less energy compared with standard processes.

“We decided to develop our new system based on a demand for greater energy savings,” states Oliver Seidel, Head of Process Technology, a division of SGL Group’s Business Unit Graphite Materials & Systems. “Now that the QSL melting system has been commissioned, we are extremely pleased to be able to demonstrate that our process works on an industrial scale.”