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Russia Launches Country’s First Urea Ammonium Sulphate Plant

Located at Euro Chem’s Novomoskovskiy Azot site, the new plant comprises a capacity of handling 400 mtpd of urea and 600 mtpd of urea ammonium sulphate.

Novomoskovsk/Russia – Eurochem, a leading global mineral fertiliser producer, and Stamicarbon, the innovation and licence company of Maire Tecnimont Group, have recently announced the formal opening of Russia’s first urea ammonium sulphate (UAS) plant at Euro Chem’s Novomoskovskiy Azot plant, located about 200 kilometres south of Moscow.

Stamicarbon designed the ammonium sulphate plant at Novomoskovsk with a capacity of 400 mtpd urea and 600 mtpd UAS. After commissioning of the granulation equipment, UAS started production under the supervision of the Stamicarbon engineers on site. The startup went very smoothly and the first UAS granules are now rolling off the production line. Stamicarbon developed a process for the production of granulated urea containing ammonium sulphate (UAS) following an increased demand for granulated urea containing macro- and micro-nutrients.

Main features of the Stamicarbon UAS technology are the large range of ammonium sulphate concentrations (0-50 wt %) that can be handled without modifying the granulation plant and the high quality of UAS granules produced. Urea ammonium sulphate helps farmers significantly increase crop yields. UAS production will complement Euro Chem’s current portfolio of sulphur-enriched fertilisers, which includes ammonium sulphate (AS) and ammonium sulphate-nitrate (ASN).

The opening ceremony was attended by Igor Nechaev, General Director of MCC Euro Chem; the Group’s Russian arm, Henri Smolenaers; Project Manager Stamicarbon and Semen Evreinov, Head of Stamicarbon’s office in Russia.