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Penobsquis может возродится в новом качестве / Penobsquis may be reborn in new capacity

The Sussex (Canada) administration is considering using the abandoned Penobsquis potash mine as a source of geothermal power.

The Penobsquis mine was operated by PotashCorp but was stopped several years ago. Analysis of alternative ways of operation has shown that brine can be used in it.
“This is an amazing opportunity that has been identified after three years of research,” said Scott Hatcher, a city official.

It is planned to use the so-called open-circuit system: water will be pumped to the surface, passed through heat pumps, and then pumped into the bowels. The cost of the project is estimated at 14.4 million. $1.50, payback period of 9-10 years.

Scott Hatcher added that the mine is now owned by Nutrien, which has assisted with the research.