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New agreement between the Syrian regime and Russia as the latter takes over the fertilizers plant

The Syrian regime signed a new agreement a few days ago with Russia to control Syria’s only fertilizers plant.

“The General Organization for Chemical Industries signed a contract with the Russian company (Stroy Trans Gas) to invest the only fertilizers plant in Syria and located in the city of Homs, for a period ranging from 25 to 40 years, renewable depending on the desire of the parties,” the pro regime Tishreen newspaper reported.

The contract guarantees that the General Fertilizers Company will receive 35% of the revenue and Russia will take the remaining stake, which will in turn commit itself to securing Syria’s demand for phosphate products during the investment period at fair and reduced prices.

For his part, the Director-General of the General Organization for Chemical Industries, “Osama Abu Fakhr” tried to beautify this contract and distract attention from the losses that will be in Syria, saying that this agreement is an important achievement for the benefit of both parties and that Russia will modernize the plant and develop old machines in it.

The People’s Assembly of the regime had ratified in March this year an agreement provides for Moscow’s investment of the largest phosphate mines in Syria, located in the city of Palmyra for 50 years.