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Mosaic сдал в аренду часть завода / Mosaic leases part of the plant

U.S. fertilizer and bioadditive manufacturer Anuvia have announced the opening of a new line at Mosaic’s closed plant in Plant City, Florida. By renting part of the company, Anuvia will be able to increase the annual production of bioadditives to 1.2 million. 15 times the company’s current productivity.

The launch is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2020. At the same time, 135 new jobs will be created.

“The agreement signed with Anuvia, which includes equity participation in the capital, is ideal for us. We look forward to exploring opportunities to further expand our relationship,” said Walt Precourt, Mosaic’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth.

Earlier, Mosaic decided to completely close the phosphorus fertilizer plant in Plant City due to excessively high costs and falling demand in the market.