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The modular (SX) plant by Outotec received IM Mining Hall of fame award

Outotec developed VSF®X plant – “a modularized revolution for efficient solvent extraction”. Numerous studies and analyses have shown that the industry faces serious challenges, including complex ores and declining grades together with increasing capital costs, exceeded project schedules and environmental regulations. In regard to solvent extraction (SX), Outotec is helping to address these issues with the introduction of this innovative, standardized modular plant design. The VSFX plant provides a novel way to design, manufacture, transport, install, operate and maintain an SX plant. It is designed to handle flows from 25 m³/h up to 10,000 m³/h and metal content from 1 g/litre up to 50 g/litre. SX is a key process step in various metals extraction processes and has been used for solution concentration and pluri¬cation since the 1950s. Outotec’s VSFX mixer-settler technology is suitable for all metals for which an extraction reagent is available, such as copper, uranium, cobalt, nickel, zinc and REEs, to mention just a few. The elegance of the modular product lies in the use of prefabricated VSFX settler modules enabling the construction of a settler consisting of independent sections. Outotec’s renowned SX expertise is built into these modules, which are fully suitable for intermodal transportation as standard freight containers.