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K+S commissions new magnesium sulfate anhydrous facility at Werra plant

With the commissioning of a new facility at the Wintershall site of the Werra plant, K+S is now capable of producing significantly larger quantities of the magnesium sulphate anhydrous specialty product, which is in high demand.

Over the past three years, K+S has invested approximately €34 million in the new facility. Production capacity will therefore increase by considerably more than half. This measure supports the Shaping 2030 strategy, which includes the further expansion of the specialties business.

Magnesium sulfate anhydrous is a product with numerous applications; in agriculture it is used in fertigation (the use of fertilizers in irrigation systems) and as a granulation aid for compound fertilizers.

“With the significantly higher product availability, we will now be in a much better position to meet the customer needs in Industry and Agriculture and win new customers,” said Alexa Hergenröther, CEO of K+S’s Operating Unit Europe+. “In addition, we are strengthening our portfolio of high-quality specialty products with the enhanced supply.”

The new facility will not only produce magnesium sulfate anhydrous but also the animal feed product KaSa Mag 98.

By optimising production processes and applying internal know-how, the new facility will produce significantly less wastewater and reduce the required amount of freshwater compared to the previous facility.