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Kalium Lakes толкает Beyondie вперед / Kalium Lakes pushes Beyondie forward

The management of the Australian company Kalium Lakes has approved a plan to finance the Project Beyondie. Previously, Kalium Lakes shares were listed for $56.6 million. Usd. among institutional investors and attracted credit funds.

As part of the Beyondie project, it is planned to evacuate and recycle brine with 150,000. tons of potassium sulfate per year for supply to Australian farmers and for export. Its projected resources are 2.66 million. tons with an average content of 14.2 kg per cube. m brine.

The creation of an industrial plant on the Beyondie project will take approximately 15 months, respectively, the first batch of products can be received in late 2020 – early 2021.
This decision of the top management of Kalium Lakes will speed up the implementation of the planned events.


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