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Global urea price round-up

In US Gulf, large particle prices have gone up from $186/mt to $196/mt by $10/mt
Prices in China of large particles have increased by $7/mt from $206/mt to $213/mt
Large particle prices in Iran have been assessed higher by $6/mt from $189/mt to $195/mt
Urea prices in Egypt of large particles move up from $210/mt to $220/mt by $10/mt
Prices increases by $5/mt from $193/mt to $198/mt in Ukraine for small granular
Small granular prices go up in Baltic sea from $190/mt to $199/mt by $9/mt
In Romania, small granular prices moves northward from $202/mt to $213/mt by $11/mt
Urea prices in Indonesia/Malaysia of large particles shoot up from $201/mt to $206/mt by $5/mt
Large particle prices in Arabian Gulf of large particles go up from $188/mt to $198/mt by $10/mt
Similarly, in Arabian Gulf, prices have gone up of small granular from $203/mt to $208/mt by $5/mt
Urea large particle prices climb up in France Atlantic from $206/mt to $213/mt by $7/mt
Finally, in Venezuela, large particle prices moved upward from $181/mt to $192/mt by $11/mt