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Evo Morales announces the export to Brazil of 335,000 tons of urea

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced today that in the coming weeks will begin the export to Brazil of urea produced in the first petrochemical plant state of the country, for a volume of 335,000 tons of fertilizer.

The governor made the announcement in Santa Cruz (east) during an act in which state oil company YPFB signed agreements with the Bolivian agroindustrial sector for the sale of urea produced in the petrochemicals installed in the Cochabamba region (center).

According to the governor, within two weeks will be done a first shipment of 335,000 tons of urea to Brazil through Puerto Quijarro, on the border with Brazil.

“Imagine, before it was import. our industry, “Morales said, without giving more details on how the sale to the Brazilian market will materialize.

Bolivia launched its first plant in September petrochemical plant, installed by the South Korean company Samsung in the locality cochabambina of Bulo Bulo, with a cost of 953 million dollars and a daily capacity of production of 2,100 tons of urea and 1,200 tons of ammonia.

The authorities have estimated that between 10% and 20% of production will serve to meet domestic demand for fertilizers and the rest will be exported mainly to the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as Peru, Argentina and Paraguay.

The agreements signed today by Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivians (YPFB) will lead to the marketing of 14,000 metric tons of granulated urea in the domestic market.

Morales stressed that the agroindustrial sector bought the ton of urea at a cost of $ 550 and can now purchase fertilizer produced in the country at $ 335, with “almost 50% rebate.”

The three sectors with which YPFB signed the trade agreements are the Strategic Company for the Production of Fertilizers and Fertilizers (EEPAF), the Agricultural Chamber of the East (CAO) and the Single Trade Union Federation of Workers Farmers from the Four Provinces of Northern Santa Cruz.

The EEPAF will buy 2,000 tons of urea, of which 1,400 will be traded in Santa Cruz, 500 in Cochabamba and a hundred in Chuquisaca, YPFB said in a statement.

The CAO will acquire 6,000 tons of fertilizer to be destined for Santa Cruz, while the peasant federation

YPFB president Oscar Barriga said that the production of urea in the local market will have a “significant positive impact on the development of the agricultural sector “and the increase of the productive economy to guarantee food security.

Minister of Hydrocarbons Luis Sánchez stressed that the signing of These conventions take place 14 years after the so-called “gas war”, a popular revolt against the intention of then-President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada (1993-1997 and 2002-2003) of exporting natural gas to the US through a port in Chile.

More than 60 people died during repression of those social protests, which ended on October 17, 2003 with the resignation and flight of Sánchez de Lozada to the United States.

According to Minister Sánchez, with the signing of these agreements, Morales “has made the industrialization” of natural gas Bolivian, one of the demands of those who mobilized in 2003.