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Eurochem Opens Another Fertilizer Plant in Brazil

Eurochem announced that it plans to open a second new fertilizer blending plant in Brazil this year.

Zug/Switzerland — The latest opening is part of the ongoing expansion of the company’s subsidiary Fertilizantes Tocantins (FTO), a fertilizer distribution business in Brazil. The new blending plant is located in the city of Catalão in Goias State, part of the Brazilian Midwest, a region that accounts for about 3.2 million tonnes of fertilizer per year. The location was chosen because it was an important agricultural region.

The Catalão plant is one of the largest in Goias State, with a static storage capacity of 80,000 tonnes, 60 full-time workers and a production capability of 60,000 tonnes of fertilizer per month. It will produce a range of standard fertilizers and supply some specialty NPK fertilizers produced by Eurochem in Europe.