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Brunei: Greenfield Plant Contract Stamicarbon Enters into License Agreement for Urea Plant

With a name plate capacity of 3900 mtpd, the new urea plant is scheduled to commence operations in 2021. The project is expected to strength the company’s market position in the Asia Pacific region.

Sittard/The Netherlands – Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of Maire Tecnimont Group, has recently signed a license agreement for the construction of a greenfield urea melt plant. The facility is owned by Brunei Fertilizer Industries SDN BHD and will be located at Sungai Liang Industrial Park (Spark), Brunei Darussalam.

Brunei is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of natural gas. The new plant project will support the government’s long-term development strategy to diversify the country’s economy by the development of downstream activities in the petrochemical industry.

The urea plant will have a name plate capacity of 3900 mtpd and will utilize Stamicarbon’s Launch Melt Pool Condenser Design, which features Stamicarbon’s unique Pool Condenser equipment and the complete synthesis section in Safurex stainless steel. Although Stamicarbon has urea plants in operation at higher capacities, this is the highest name plate capacity for a urea melt plant that has been licensed by Stamicarbon.
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Moreover, this project will reinforce their market position and growth in the Asia Pacific region.

The scope of the contract consists of a License, Process Design Package (PDP) and Proprietary Equipment for the urea melt plant. Start-up of the plant is planned for 2021.