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«Тольяттиазот» продолжает строить новый агрегат карбамида / ToglyattiAzot continues to build a new carbamide unit

On the construction site of the third unit of carbamide “ToglyattiAzot” (Samara region) the foundation of one of the key elements of the object – the granulation tower – has been completed.

The trial lasted three days. He demanded more than 2.7 cubic meters. m concrete mixture, served by three concrete suckers, the continuous work of which provided more than 500 concrete mixers. The tests confirmed that the facility was fully compliant with industrial safety requirements.

On the foundation installed and put into operation tower crane, which will be used when pouring concrete at an altitude of more than 3 m. The beginning of pouring of the barrel of the granulation tower is planned for the coming days.

A feature of the construction will be the use of advanced technology – the method of sliding formwork.

“This method allows, without removing or disassembling the formwork, to move it up and pour new portions of concrete on top of the hardened layer. In order to ensure the homogeneity of concrete and the formation of cold seams, the work will be carried out around the clock for more than 50 days,” said Alexander Postnov, Deputy Director of Economics and Investment Finance at ToglyattiAzot.

40 specialists from the contracting organization will take part in the installation of fittings for the granulation tower. The pace of construction of the facility will be 2 m per day, the total height of the structure – 107 m, the diameter – 14.6 m.

Construction work on the third unit of carbamide is carried out in accordance with all the requirements of industrial safety, as well as taking into account the current main production: next to the border tower of the second unit of carbamide. In particular, a safe work plan has been developed and strictly enforced, which takes into account the technological regime of the second unit of carbamide and the use of personal protective equipment.

Currently, 401 contractors and 20 units of heavy equipment are working on the construction site of the third carbamide unit. Excavation work is continuing – the installation of underground communications and foundations for the points of construction – as well as large volumes of concrete works. In the nearest plans of builders – laying the foundations for technological overpasses and all overhead structures.

The new unit is scheduled to be launched in 2021.