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Одесский припортовый завод наращивает поставки / Odessa port plant ramps up supplies

Restarting after 16 months of technological capacity, Odessa Port Plant (Ukraine) managed to produce 13.1 thousand during the work. tons of ammonia and 122.5 thousand tons. tons of carbamide. Shipments are being carried out to markets in Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Senegal, India and Ivory Coast, the press service of AgroGazTrading, a company that supplies natural gas on a dacha basis to the Odessa port plant, said.

The agreement provides for the repayment of the company’s debt to Naftogaz of Ukraine. Therefore, AgroGasTrading added $1 to the refining cost. 1 ton of ammonia and $1.5. for carbamide. This allowed the Odessa port plant to start payments in favor of Naftogaz of Ukraine to repay its debt.