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Одесский припортовый завод могут продать в 2020 году / Odessa port plant may be sold in 2020

At the end of 2020, it is planned to sell the Odessa port plant, and now work is underway to prepare for the bidding, said the chairman of the Fund of State Property of Ukraine Dmitry Sennichenko during the Saudi-Ukrainian agricultural Business Investment Forum.

According to him, the director was replaced at the company. For more than a month it has been working on investment adviser and lawyers.

Dmitry Sennichenko added that although the Odessa Port Plant has problems with debt payments accumulated in the past years, the management of the State Property Fund of Ukraine has a vision and strategy to “clean up” its debts and opportunities sales with the least risk.

Odessa Port Plant – one of the most powerful chemical enterprises in Ukraine, can produce more than 1 million. tons of ammonia and 600,000 tons. tons of carbamide per year.