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«Акрон» не смог купить заводы у Petrobras / Akron fails to buy plants from Petrobras

Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) has announced the completion of negotiations with Akron Group to sell its chemical plants Araucaria Nitrogenados and Nitrogen Fertilizer Unit III. The deal did not take place.

In December 2017, Petrobras announced its intention to sell them, in March this year – to stop them due to the losses generated by them in 2017 of 600 million and 200 million. (approximately $182.63 and $60.88 million) respectively. However, it then moved the plant closures, scheduled for the end of the first half of 2018, by four months. As it turned out, this was done in order to negotiate with the Akron group.

Araucaria Nitrogenado can produce 475,000 tons of ammonia and 710,000 tons. tons of carbamide per year. The capacity of the nitrogen Fertilizer Unit III is not fully built at the level of 800,000. tons of ammonia and 1.3 million tons of ammonia. tons of carbamide per year.